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Architecture Exhibition

towards the future of Architecture for family

Family is a small scale society that individuals recognize for the first time of their life, it’s also the first space they encounter in their life where they could call home. Human existence starts from family, and eventually will move towards family.


Family is a starting point for individuals to shape their basic behavior, it’s affecting our action in the community, and influence the way we form societies. As a basic unit of society, family becomes a significant aspect in human social life, since it is collectively shaping up society and the way we will live in the future. It is important to address family issues through an architectural solution in order to solve the social problem.


The space where we inhabit influences how we act. Architects create and construct ‘micro’ world that people consciously and unconsciously accept, the space where they spend and experience their time. This particular experience will deeply influence one’s world-view. In this very essence of space, the architect will take part in shaping culture and society through housing typologies.

Venice Architecture Biennale 2018

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